theft of trade secrets

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hanjuan jin, a citizen of the people's republic of china, began working at motorola in 1998. he worked as a software engineer in a division that created proprietary standards for cellular communications. in 2004 and 2005, in contradiction to motorola's policies, jin also began working as a consultant for lemko corp. lemko introduced jin to sun kaisens, a chinese software company. during 2005, jin returned to beijing on several occasions and began working with sun kaisens and with the chinese military. the following year, she started corresponding with sun kaisens's management about a possible full-time job in china. during this period, she took several medical leaves of absence from motorola. in february 2007, after one of these medical leaves, she returned to motorola. during the next several days at motorola, she accessed and downloaded thousands of documents on her personal laptop as well as on pen drives. on the following day, she attempted to board a flight to china but was randomly searched by u.s. customs and border protection officials at chicago's o'hare international airport. ultimately, u.s. officials discovered the thousands of downloaded motorola documents. are there any circumstances under which jin could avoid being prosecuted for theft of trade secrets? if so, what are these circumstances? discuss fully
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