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also due tomorrow and it is 1 page as well

addressing problems in living - stages ii and ii, as presented by eagan, offer us the opportunity to assist clients in moving past their difficulties and taking action for change.

brainstorm types of problem situations for which people might seek help.

select one of those problems in living. how might that problem lead to opportunity development. discuss shadow side factors that might make it difficult for a helper to work effectively with someone who seeks help with this type of problem. what goals might a client with this problem in living want to achieve? what might be the outcome of realizing those goals? describe a future in which the client had adequately addressed the problem (be realistic with respect to the possibilities).using the goals and imagined outcomes, brainstorm around the plans needed to achieve the goals and to achieve the imagined outcomes. use the strategies that the book presents to develop a plan making plans.

address these questions in essay format (at least 1 page) and create a powerpoint presentation (at least 8 slides) presenting your ideas to the class.
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