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question: indo, an indian car company produces the cheapest car in the world. they have two models, a regular (r) gasoline engine and a hybrid (h). the regular car takes about 6 hours to assemble, while the hybrid takes only 3 hours. the indo plant has a total of 2100 hours of assembly time available. there is an unlimited number of regular car chassis available, but only 280 hybrid car chassis available. these cars after assembly have to be tested before being put out in the market. car testing takes 2 hours for the regular one and 2.5 hours for the hybrid. a maximum of 1000 hours for testing is available. profit per regular car is 2400 dollars, and 1800 dollars per hybrid.

1) formulate (and write down) the linear programming (lp) model to be used to determine the number of cars from each model that should be produced in order to maximize “indo’s” profits.

2) input the entire lp model in “excel” just the way it is shown in the textbook and the video. excel instructions are found on pages 298-301. your spreadsheet should show numbers and corresponding formulas for your objective function and constraints.

provide the optimal solution in terms of both the decision variables and objective function. do not round up your answers. use two decimal places for all of them.

3) interpret the results in terms of both the optimal decision variables and optimal objective function value. why are the decision variables different? is the optimal objective function value expected, justified? are there any binding or non-binding constraints? how is that related to the values of your slack or surplus variables? what is the interpretation of the slack/surplus variables?
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