time management

Project Description:

task: discuss the following questions, and as a group, come up with a top 10 list for overcoming procrastination. the format is taken from the david letterman show, in which you start with #10 and work towards #1, with each item being more important, and item #1 is the most important of all.
each item on the list should be one sentence, with an explanation of 1-3 sentences underneath. for example (and don’t use this one):

#10: wake up at 4:00 each morning to start on your to do list for the day.
you are more likely to accomplish items on your to do list if you start on them before you have a chance to think about them. wake up earlier than 4:00 if it works for you.

first, discuss these questions:
• why do we procrastinate?
• why is procrastination difficult to deal with?
• what effective methods do you use to do an unpleasant task?
• who do you admire who gets things done effectively?
• what’s their secret for handling procrastination?
• you have a term paper due next week, but you are procrastinating getting started on this project. how can you motivate yourself to get started?

after you have discussed the questions above, start to work on your list. come up with lots of items, before you decide which ones to include and how to rank them. all students in the group are expected to participate.
note: you may change the heading of the list if you like. it is ok to be humorous, as long as the point you are making is a good one. do not use sarcasm.

grading: your instructor will grade you on the following criteria:

• each item and its explanation is practical and addresses the topic (10 points each, 100 points total)

submitting your task: type your list under the heading on the next page. when you are done, save this document, then attach and submit this document (cpin 279 task time management.docx) using the links in the task section of the class session in blackboard.

top 10 list for overcoming procrastination
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