toyota and nissan compare and contrast.

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instructions: there should be 8 to 9 pages of single space of theory. this should be compare and contrast of the toyota and nissan companies there are more details of how and what it should be included. it should include graphs (they do not count as a page), pictures, and a word cite page.

the automotive industry segment of the us economy is a major employer and a big contributor of the us gross national product.
in the last few decades, this industry has seen its fortunes decline, its market share dwindle and employment worsen. during this same period of time, imports from japan, europe, and korea have gained market share and sales volumes.
this can be explained from the standpoint of the strategies and tactics adopted by major auto maker from these continents. global strategies, including building multinational plants for styling, design and manufacturing have defined these auto makers and have resulted in spectacular successes and failures.
perform a critical analysis of the strategies and tactics adopted by any two auto makers and make a convincing case for the results achieved.
your analysis should cover distinctive competencies, order qualifiers and order winners for the two candidates of your choice. your analysis should cover marketing, operations, pricing, product quality, product differentiation and customer satisfaction issues.
material for this report can be found in the library and or recognized website articles. sources for references are (but not limited to)
• quality progress
• american machinist
• manufacturing systems
• industrial engineer
• manufacturing automation
• quality
• harvard business review
• iron age
• information age
• business week
• industry week
• modern machine shop
• materials handling engineering
• modern plastics
• the performance advantage (apics publication)
• manufacturing engineering
additionally there are many well-known books on the subject in the library.
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