trace the life and career of che guevara

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writing task , once you have finished reading chapter 30, go to your voyages app. and trace the life and career of che guevara. chapter 30 has information on the role of young people in the the global upheavals of 1956-1974. once you have finished learning about che guevara, write a short 250-500 word essay explaining why you think he is or is not an example of 'youth culture' as described in your book. be sure to give examples to illustrate your arguments.

posting checklist:
1) did i have a topic sentence that answered the question or addressed the rubric? did i draw a conclusion at the end of my post?
2) did i give at least two examples, using evidence from the assigned readings?
3) did i check to make sure that my post was clearly written in complete sentences and organized into paragraphs? did i spell check?
4) did i cite my sources (here, just mention the name of the relevant document of page of the textbook. you will not need to do outside research for this course)?

voyages in world history: volume 1i: since 1500, brief edition with mindtap & voyages app. brief edition. valerie hansen and kenneth r. curtis. wadsworth cengage, 2013.
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