trainning project

Project Description:

complete an 500-word individual development plan (idp) for either your current job or the job to which you aspire.
consider the questions below as you prepare to complete an individual development plan (idp) for yourself.
questions about your current or desired job:
what aspects of your job are you best/worst at?
which job activities would you like to engage in more/less frequently?
what types of knowledge, skills, and abilities are required by this job? what is your current degree of proficiency in these areas (e.g., high, adequate, poor)?
questions about your job satisfaction:
what can you personally do to increase your level of satisfaction with your job?
what performance improvements would increase your level of job satisfaction?
questions about your professional growth:
where do you see yourself professionally within the next 2 years?
where do you see yourself professionally beyond the next 2 years?
what must you do in order to realize this vision?
what new responsibilities or challenges would you have to undertake in order to achieve this vision?
questions about your skills and capabilities:
in what new jobs or roles would you like to increase your proficiency?
what new knowledge, skills, and/or abilities would you like to acquire?
what types of training, qualifications, or certifications would you like to obtain?
questions about your potential:
what could you do to make a greater contribution to your organization?
what responsibilities or challenges could you undertake that would support your growth and development?
what skills could you learn to ensure you are better equipped to do what you would like to do?
how can you make better use of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you currently have?
what would need to happen for you to reach your potential?
must be with no plagiarism, release of founds will be until plagiarism check and approval is done
minimum of 2 sources from the usa
work must be original and not only citations
non negotiable 13 dlls plus a bonus of 2 dollars for additional task
you have 5 hr to finish
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