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Project Description:

obtain multiple copies of a trainer or trainee handbook, (handbook not provided, you must provide it) or an employee development plan.
examine these materials thoroughly.
write a paper of 480 words that answers the following questions:
what qualities or characteristics of these materials make them effective or ineffective?
are these materials appropriate for their intended audiences?
what changes, if any, would you make to these materials to make them more useful and/or effective?
these work must be plagiarism free and must include a minimum three citations from 3 sources, sources must be from usa. and companies must be from usa.
these won't be paid until the project clears plagiarism software 5 hr aprox after turnitin.
no negotiable, if good work is received, will give you 4 more projects
these project must be completed in 9 hrs offer is 15 dlls
if you can not make the work in less than 9 hrs dont summit
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