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(part 1)
short essay: developing a research plan

respond to the hypothetical problem using correct basic writing skills in 250-400 words.

your chemistry professor wants you to write a research paper that examines the impact of fracking (using chemicals to pull natural gas from the earth) on a local farming community. the paper, your professor says, must consider the "human factor" as well as the chemical and biological one. what qualitative research method or methods will you use? (surveys, interviews, etc). choose at least one method and explain how you can use it to get at the "human factor" your professor wants you to discuss.

(part 2)
short essay: policy thesis

250-500 words; mechanics count!

as reseachers, we spend a lot of time working with claims of fact, definition, value and cause/effect. but occasionally, we are asked to transform our scientific conclusions into recommendations for policy changes. consider all the data you have gathered for your research project this semester and the conclusions you have come to. imagine you are called before congress (or some other agency that has the power to change the situation). what policy changes would you recommend to improve the situation? use your own reasearch to back up your ideas and explain why your policy changes are the best ones. use apa citations if necessary.
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