uae entrepreneurs – interview and environmental analysis report

Project Description:

1. do some preliminary research on the industry of the business you chose to work on as a group.
2. prepare a questionnaire that will be used to learn more about your specific business.
3. identify one entrepreneur or business owner that is related to the business project your group has chosen and interview the individual to learn about their experience and obtain their opinion on business opportunities and challenges faced, and the current business environment in the uae.
4. obtain a date to interview and present your questionnaire.
5. before the interview, research using the internet or other sources about the following environmental trends that could affect new businesses:
a. background search on the entrepreneur and company you have chosen.
b. research on customer segment that the business serves
c. political, economic, social, and technological analysis of the environment.
d. a swot analysis of the business so you can discuss and learn more about the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business, as well as the external opportunities and challenges of the business in the uae environment.
6. conduct the interview, collect a business card, take notes and pictures to include in your report
7. write a case study report on the entrepreneur and the business with your own analysis, recommendations, and conclusion.
report requirements
minimum 1500 to maximum 2000 word report professionally formatted as per hct report guidelines:
• report includes cover page with all necessary details
• paragraphs are well spaced and consistent fonts and styles are applied
• report must be proofed for spelling and grammatical errors
• includes academic honesty
all reports must be verified by safeassign on bb learn
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