understanding value added services

Project Description:

during the lifetime of a company, it experiences p and l’s
(profits and losses) for a variety of reasons. many
companies provide value added products or services as
enhancements to increase their sales revenues.

think of any one fictitious organization from the following sectors and then perform the given tasks:
1. automotive
2. healthcare
3. manufacturing
4. telecom

task 1:
give a brief introduction of the company. mention its name, industry type, kind of products or services it offers to its consumers, etc.

task 2:
name three types of value added products or services that the company could include to increase its profitability.

some examples may include:
1. a landlord’s lease or rent incentive
2. a software company’s add-on products
3. a retail store’s buy two and get one free option

task 3:
create a table that includes the performance of the
company for the past one year using:
1. net cost of item
2. net income from item
3. net cost of value added item
4. total net profit

make sure to include product price, actual cost of giveaway (actual or presumed) item, and product or service, in a table that shows profitability measures.

submit a microsoft word document of the following
 font: arial, size 12, double space
 length: 3 pages
 citation style: apa
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