unit 3 task

Project Description:

for this task, you will review the demand for health care services within the context of patient obesity and expenditures by each state for related health care services. how does obesity impact federal and state resources that are available for health care services?

review information pertaining to the unit 3 task in doc sharing and follow the directions below.

in a 2–3 page paper (not including references),(apa format) please answer the following questions as they apply to the supplied information:

discuss supply and demand economic theory as it applies to costs for diagnosis and treatment of obesity-related disease.
discuss the impact on state funds of medicare and medicaid expenditures. see table 1, estimated adult obesity-attributable percentages and expenditures, by state (brfss 1998–2000).
speaking as a health care economist, what actions or initiatives would you recommend to contain or reduce costs for your particular state of residence?
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