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write a 2-3 page paper
due 04/09/15
you work for a retail children's clothing company that currently manufactures its products in southeast asia but is selling these products exclusively in the united states. the company is looking for opportunities to expand its market internationally and achieve higher profits. high-level managers of the company have invited mid-level managers to their brainstorming meeting to help increase the number of ideas and options.
as preparation, you and the other mid-level managers will each prepare a swot analysis for a major competitor (an actual company). you will then analyze these results and choose 3 elements from the analysis (a strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat) that could be used to benefit your company. propose and support your ideas to increase profits.

conduct a swot analysis for one of your company's competitors. (remember that strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. opportunities and threats are external factors).
•identify the (internal) strengths of the organization structure.
•identify the (internal) weaknesses of the organization structure.
•identify the (external) opportunities.
•identify the (external) threats.

remember the following:
•keep your swot short and simple
•avoid complexity and over analysis
•swot is subjective
•if it helps you to organize your thoughts, use a swot table.
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