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your firm is considering a project on a networking gear. the project has an expected life of 5 years. the annual sales revenue is estimated to be $21m with costs of $15m. gs&a expenses are estimated to be $2 m each year, in which $1m is corporate overhead expense. the cap expendature on the manufact equip is $6m with 5 year straight line depreciation to zero. the equipment has a salvage value of $0.5 m at the end of year 5. in the first year, an inventory account of $1.2 m accounts payable $1m and accounts receivable $1.5 m are required. during the project these accounts will remain the same and fully recovered or liquidated at the end of the project. assume corp tax rate of 40% how much is estimate of annual unlevered net income? how much would be the net working capital account at the end of first year? how much would be your after-tax cash flow from selling the manufacturing equipment at the salvage market at the end of year 5? what would be your estimates of free cash flows in years 0-5 respectively?
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