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the varying aspects of an era when relations between the cold war superpowers were tempered by a new doctrine of "peaceful co-existence" - i.e. the notion that while the us and the ussr (or at least communist movements - some of whose relations to the ussr were very tenuous indeed) might confront each other around the globe, they would seek to avoid a direct military (and atomic) confrontation with each other. assess which of the two global superpowers changed its behaviour more profoundly in trying to accommodate itself to "peaceful co-existence." the intent of the question is to try to get you to reflect on the period from the mid-1950s through the 1960s when the intial intensity of the cold war faded and when the us and the ussr came to a kind of informal accommodation in accepting each others' existence and spheres of influence. this was called "peaceful coexistence."to achieve this, though, each state was going to have to change the way they behaved internally and externally. the question is which state changed more and what evidence to you have of this kind of change.
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