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q1. drivers arrive at the motor vehicle bureau with one server in a poisson fashion with mean 6/hr. the time required to serve them is exponential with mean 8 minutes. find: a. the expected queue length, b. the expected waiting time, c. the expected time in the system, d. the probability of the system being in state 2.
q2. solve problem # 1 if there are two servers.
q3. a company must decide upon the number of technical support _#_ persons to hire. historical data shows that on an average 7 users need technical help each hour (in a poisson fashion). the service time for providing technical support is exponential with mean 6 minutes. the users get paid about $50 per hour and the tech support people get paid $20 per hour.
should the company have one, two, or three technical support people?
an alternative has been suggested to give a helper to each technical support person at an additional cost of $15 per hour. the team of two people now can complete a service call in 4 minutes. how many tech support teams should we have?
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