us fire problem

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us fire problem
explore the us fire administration’s website at under the heading “statistics”, answer the following questions:
1. what state had the highest fire death rate in 2010? what was it? what state had the lowest? what was it? what was the fire death rate for connecticut? what state(s) had a relative risk of 1.0? would you have a greater chance of dying in a fire living in new york or massachusetts?
2. in residential building fires, what is the overall trend in # fires, # deaths, # injuries, dollar loss in the following for the 5-year period of 2007 to 2011? how many fire deaths occurred in 2011? hint: this can be found under the topic” us fire administration fire estimates”
3. read the publication university housing fires (2007 – 2009), vol 12, issue 9/ august 2011 and answer the following questions
a. what time period during the day do most fires occur in university housing?
b. what time period do fires least occur in university housing?
c. what months do fire occurs most often?
d. what is the leading cause of fires in university housing during ’07-09)
4. select any fire data and develop a graphical representation for that data (histogram, bar chart, line chart, pie chart, etc)
- include the following: title, key, labeled axis
- write a one paragraph summary of your analysis of the data.
 table should be word-processed or printed neatly on a separate sheet of paper.
 make sure your name is on the top right corner of your paper.
 do not put a cover page on the task!
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