us post service- management and cost analysis

Project Description:

prepare a report of about 7 pages, single spacing of the following about the usps present financial situation based on the following points:
-how is the organization structured and how does this impact its financial position?
-what led to the deficit of the usps?
-what options are now available and proposed for the organization? are these options viable?
-what are the incentives provided for management and organizational performance?
-do you believe that the organization has positioned itself for a challenging environment?
-what is the future for this organization?do you have any recommended strategies to help the organization turnaround?
nb: be sure to incorporate any relevant topics such as organizational architechture, cost allocations, opportunity costs, and agency problems.
review congressional reports, gao reports, news articles related to government finances as well as documents extracte from usps.
references should be as endnotes properly cited throughout the report. include any relevan cost data to support points and recommendations.
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