use cost of capital calculations and free cash flow projections

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mercury athletic footwear case instructions
1. provide an overview (synopsis) of the case. this is the case introduction that provides relevant background information (case situation).
2. is mercury an appropriate target for agi?
3. estimate the value of mercury using a discounted cash flow approach. to estimate, you need to project free cash flows and discount them using cost of capital.
4. here are some additional information
for cost of capital calculations
• risk-free rate (t-bond 20 years), cost of debt, tax rate are given on page 7.

• assume a market rate of return (s&p 500, for example) of 9.93%
• competitors’ beta values are given in exhibit 3.
• assume that the acquisition will be financed with 20% debt and 80% equity
free cash flow projections
• use consolidated data reported in exhibit 6.
• please go over the attached documents.
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