use excel to perform statistics calculations (anova table & tukey's hsd method)

Project Description:

in a report, use data (i will provide), to:
-determine whether significant differences exist in the annual returns for three industries at 5% significance level.
-construct 95% confidence intervals for the difference between annual returns for each pairing using tukey's hsd method.
-evaluate which means (if any) significantly differ from one another using the results from part 2.

in excel use separate sheet for each chart, pivot table, or table created with the analysis tool-pak, name each tab with the name of the table or chart, and format numbers to 3 decimal places.
in excel perform calculations as far as possible. please include conclusions, formulas used, and provide all work not documented in excel within a word document with all other conclusions.

i will need the finished project asap (within 48 hours). please message me for more details.
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