video centers of europe, ltd., is a chain of movie

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video centers of europe, ltd., is a chain of movie dvd rental stores. it must maintain data on the dvds it has for rent, the movies recorded on the dvds, its customers, and the actual rental. each dvd for rent has a unique serial number. movie titles and customer numbers are also unique identifiers. assume that each movie has exactly one ‘‘star.’’ note the difference in the year that the movie was originally filmed and the date that a dvd—an actual disk—was manufactured. some of the attributes and functional dependencies in this environment are as follows:attributesdvd numbermanufacture datemovie titlestaryear filmedlength [in minutes]customer numbercustomer namecustomer addressrental datereturn datefee paidfunctional dependenciesdvd number → movie titledvd number → stardvd number → manufacture datemovie title → starmovie title → lengthmovie title → year filmedcustomer number → customer namecustomer number → customer addressdvd number, customer number,rental date → return date, fee paid for each of the following tables, first write the table’s current normal form (as 1nf, 2nf, or 3nf). then, take those tables that are currently in 1nf or 2nf and reconstruct them as well structured 3 nf tables. primary key attributes are underlined. do not assume any functional dependencies other than those shown.a. movie title, star, length, year filmedb. dvd number, customer number, rental date, customer name, return date, fee paidc. dvd number, manufacture date, movie title, stard. movie title, customer number, star, length, customer name, customer addresse. dvd number, customer number, rental date, return date, fee paid
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