virtual assistant to handle personal day-to-day tasks

Project Description:

i am looking for a virtual assistant who will handle my personal day-to-day administrative tasks, with minimal supervision. larger companies with a variety of skill-sets and backup support is preferred.

key tasks will be email management, making and receiving telephone calls, schedule appointments, internet based research. must be flexible to handle projects as necessary and develop an understanding of my personal routines.

you must be able to setup the processes that ensure we can work together efficiency. you must be proactive and creative in finding solutions to manage routine personal tasks.

long-term relationship opportunity. there will be a 1-3 week trial period where i plan to accept up to 4 candidates. if successful over the trial, a longer period will be negotiated with just 1. the trial period will naturally involve less hours per week. if i am confident in your ability to handle my tasks, and can trust you, i will assign you more work.

desired skills
administrative support, email handling, research, phone support, virtual assistant
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Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $100 to $500
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