virtual machine setup

Project Description:

• for this task, you will be completing the buffer overflow seed lab:
follow the directions, get the virtual machine setup, and then do all of the tasks.
what to hand in:
1. a report detailing your solutions to the three tasks.
2. all source.

for task 1:
paste your source code into the report. also include a copy of it in the zip file.
provide a screenshot showing the root shell. the screenshot should show the exploit and the result of "whoami" or "id" as shown in the example for task1.
for task 2:
skip it
for task 3:
report the time it took for the exploit to be successful. also provide a screenshot. you can always change the "while" script into a fancier one that reports the time. for example, while [ 1 ]; do date; ./stack; done;" should print out the date so you can see the time. you can always change it to get finer granularity
for tasks 4/5:
answer the questions posed in task 5.
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