walmart around the world case study

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need to have a introduction and conclusion paragraph, need to answer 3 questions, 3 pages, single space.
question 1: please utilize information in the case to outline which countries/regions in exhibit 3 were (a) success stories; and (b) failures for wal- mart. simply providing two lists pertaining to (a) and (b) is an acceptable response. question 2: now look at your two lists of countries/regions (a) and (b) in your answer to question 1 and briefly outline (a) key reasons for the successful launches of wal-mart abroad [countries in your listing (a) above]; and (b) key reasons for unsuccessful launces of wal-mart abroad [countries in your listing (b) above]. bullet points summarizing your reasons are completely acceptable. question 3: based on the reasons you identify in your answer to question 2, please outline the major factors wal-mart should consider when entering a future international market. these factors could be both external (cultural, economic, legal, etc. pertaining to the country) or internal (how to staff the international operation, what should be the ownership structure, etc.). if you like, you may pick a country you are familiar with (where wal-mart does not already have presence) and use this context to illustrate your factors.
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