wardrobe list

Project Description:

scenario: this is an opportunity to be a wardrobe stylist for the needs of one individual consumer. it is important to create a complete written profile to ascertain their complete wardrobe needs. create a wardrobe list. each wardrobe recommendation on the list is to be explained and to include images, prices and brands.
consumer needs

text length: one page minimum written text. it is recommended to write additional content for an in depth profile and wardrobe recommendations.

interview a consumer who has different needs than you (someone older: a parent or a professional, for example).

write a paragraph description of this consumer: his or her age, occupation, place of residence (city, suburb, rural), interests, clothing needs, etc.
describe what kinds of apparel would be appropriate for this consumer’s age, job, lifestyle, etc. create a list for their wardrobe. reasons for selection should be explained.
recommendation for styles should be accompanied by brands, images and prices.
you may add illustrations of sketches, or fashions clipped from magazines or websites.
images are in addition to the one page plus text.
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