we need a new responsive wp site built, desgin supplied

Project Description:

general information for the website: research centre website
kind of development: new website from scratch
description of every page/module: see attached webplan (draft) for size of the site
we are the designers for the site and are looking for a partner developer to build the site templates for us.
we/the client will look after the page population.
description of requirements/features: we will require templating of the homepage and up to 5 follow on page templates.
the new site will need to be responsive with homepage image transitions

the site will mostly be made up of text pages with pdf links.

2 email forms: contact and book order form (similar to http://www.erc.ie/?p=27)
similar urls: http://epistem.ie/ http://www.stokes.ie
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Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $500 to $1,000
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