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need this project done in 5 hours, and the city that was chosen was houston, tx
let me know if anyone can help asap!!!!

the web page task

as a part of the materials that you collect and create in your work with your research this semester you should author a web page to highlight your recommendation. look at this web page as a kind of advertisement directed to the audience and object of your research.

the web page must be two things: 1) focused on attempting to persuade your reader that your recommendation is the best choice for the audience and 2) hyper textual in that it must be a multi-layer document instead of an emulation of the print text document that you have written for the audience.


there are zillions of web pages out there in cyberspace. commercial ones, literary ones, personal ones, academic ones--you name it, it's there. many, many of them are of the "hi there, this is my web page, isn't it cool?" variety. there is nothing inherently wrong with this by itself--it's a valid form of expression, it's interesting, and it's almost always a good way to get ideas for your own web page. however, a simple introduction to you is not what this web page should be about. a focused web page deals with a topic, a theme, and a particular idea. for this project, focus on the recommendation to the audience...


this is what makes a web page different from any other kind of writing. a hypertext link is, simply described, a link in the body of your text from your text to another text also on the web. however, a good web page is much more than just a collection of links. anyone can collect links. a good web page combines the links with the text to create a hypertext--a text with linear scale (the beginning-middle-end of traditional papers) and depth--the text of the pages or sites you link to. thus a reader can follow a hundred different paths, or more, in your page--because the sites you link to have other sites that they link to, and so on. therefore you should choose the links for how they integrate into your page, or your overall idea of what the page is supposed to be, not simply because they are somehow related to your topic.

your page should contain the following minimum features:

• a link to an external page
• an internal link (e.g., citation number to reference section or to a second page that you have created)
• a graphic (gif, jpg) relevant to your topic
• the date of revision ( bottom of page)
• author, email address

your page must also meet the following basic requirements:

good design (consider color, graphics, background, font and text, page layout)
good organizational structure (table of contents, judicious use of hyperlinks, headings)

the objective for creating this page should be apparent; that is, to persuade the audience that your recommendation is the best or only recommendation the audience should consider.
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