week 3 task 1 .

Project Description:

everything has to be addressed just four pages if possible.
research and report on a current online university

select and interact with two (2) courses from this list: http://education-portal.com/articles/universities_with_the_best_free_online_courses.html

1.describe the following principles and benchmarks: course content, learning outcomes, transition of units and flow of information from one unit/module to the next, teaching and learning process, instructor’s role, efficiency of course management system, technologies incorporated, available technical support, interface design, accessibility for disabled students, evaluation of course and learning assessment, availability of supplemental course information and virtual library resources, and institutional support.
2.analyze these courses based on the principles and benchmarks, ideas in the texts and required readings of this class, and how these courses can be improved.
3.evaluate these courses, based on the given principles and benchmarks to determine how effectively each meets the learning needs and expectations of the learners.
this paper should adhere to apa style standards including the following:

•double space, 1” margins, new times roman 12pt. font, in-text citation of references, title page, and a reference page (title page and reference page are not counted as content pages).
•use headers for each of the subjects being covered, followed by your response.
•you will need a cover page, the body of the paper, and a reference page. an abstract is not necessary.
•total number of pages (excluding the cover page): four to six (4-6).
•references: five recent (no more than 2-3 years old) articles from professional journals, magazines and newspapers.
outcomes assessed
•describe the components of a typical learning management system (lms).
•recognize capabilities, components, and constraints of a specific learning management system (lms).
•recognize different roles of users (e.g., administrator, instructor, or student) in a learning management system (lms).
•recognize reasons for modifying the menu options and look and feel of a learning management system (lms) to fit the organization’s needs.
•use technology and information resources to research issues in learning management systems.
•write clearly and concisely about issues in learning management systems using proper writing mechanics.

grading rubric for task 1 – research and report on a current online university
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