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hi shahji you have to task that will be due this coming week. my first task is my regular task which is due 11/7/2013. my week 4 course project is due 11/9/2013. it is very important that we meet these deadlines.i have attach the course project task id5-7 it is a little blurry so, here is some of the info u probably can not see.

fortune ran an article on bob olsten, an investment analyst who was particularly bullish at the time on several well-known stocks.he said the following indicators were the keys to his success:(1)a recent dramatic drop in the stock price (2)company reports of positive free cash flow (net cash from operations minus capital expenditures, (3)conservative accounting methods, (4)a buildup in raw material and partially completed inventory compared to finished inventory, (5)an increase in discretionary expenditures such as research and development, (6)undervalued assets on the balance sheet, (7)little or no debt combined with a high return on assets, and (8)consistency between what the president's letter said and what had actually happened over the past few years.

explain how each of the eight items provide a positive sign about a company.

my fee fr this course project is 50.00 and my fee for my task is 25.00.



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