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this is the feedback i got from the previous paper...please stay focused on the topic subject rather than the being too general and preferably refer to the topic subject........your paper curiously never addresses the task: to explain how marx might have considered industrialization a positive development. you merely discuss the evolution (and contrast) of communism and capitalism. a complete answer would have noted that marx believed industrialization would be a positive influence because industrialization would improve transportation, would urbanize and educate the population, and would recruit more workers who would in turn join the ranks of the revolution – so industrialization paradoxically would be the cause of its own downfall. capitalism was also the inevitable “last step” in the evolution towards the end of class struggle...............for this week............write on one (1) of the following topics:

topic 1:

the heart of darkness is one of the great literary criticisms of imperialism in africa. marlow, the main character, is originally fascinated by the possibilities that exploring africa has to offer a young man seeking his fortune and a name for himself, but he later becomes disillusioned with the process. discuss why marlow originally had faith in imperialism, but then came to regret his participation in it.

topic 2:

the painting by manet titled “olympia” in the making of the west was intended to shock the smug, self-assured sensibilities of the bourgeoisie in paris at the time. but paintings of nude women are a common subject throughout the history of art. why is this painting different? to support your response, you might also google manet’s painting “the luncheon on the grass,” another image that shocked the casual viewer in nineteenth century france.

please stay on the "topic subject" with reference to the books...
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