western religion class - option 2

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this is option # 2

1,200–1,500-word reflection paper

write an analysis of one of the following films:

jamie uys' the gods must be crazy
roland joffe's the mission
jeremy paul kagan's the chosen
henry bean's the believer
martin scorcese's the last temptation of christ
john duigan's romero
tim robbins' dead man walking
richard pearce's leap of faith
norman jewison's fiddler on the roof
spike lee's malcolm x
steven spielberg's schindler's list
brian dannelly's saved
robert duval's the apostle
your analysis should include

a brief synopsis.
names of creative forces behind the making of the movie (director and actors, especially). include these names in the body of your analysis, not in a separate list. (for example, when you refer to a character in your analysis, refer to that character by name. the first time you refer to that character, follow that name with the name of the actor who portrayed the character. put the actor's name in parentheses. show that you are conversant enough with the film to be able to talk about its creators in the context of a sentence – not a list.)
a focus on religious matters.
identification of the film's primary theme(s) and message(s).
more analysis than synopsis. (retell the story a bit, but definitely less than 50% of your paper should be synopsis.)
at least one statement of substantial praise. (substantial praise involves an evaluation of the thought content of the film – not an evaluation of how pretty the sets were or whether the actors were convincing.)
at least one statement of substantial criticism.
your overall evaluation of the film.
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