western religions - option # 1

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of all the religions we've studied this term, which one seems most transcendental to you? explain why you think it is more transcendental than other highly transcendental religions we've studied.

what transcendental feature(s) does it have that other highly transcendental religions lack? (or, what cosmological feature(s) does it lack that others have?)
compare it to the religion that you consider to be the second most transcendental of all the religions we've studied. what exactly makes the one more transcendental than the other?
avoid using categories that are too broad. don't choose islam, or christianity, or judaism, because, as we have seen, some forms of these religions are more transcendental than others. instead, refer to specific branches of islam, judaism, or christianity. (that is, if you decide to write about any of those traditions. you don't have to.) be mindful that some of the traditions covered during the last week might be good choices
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