why the death penalty (in the united state of america) should be abolished

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i need a research project done. this needs to be a personal take on the death penalty (in the united states of america). at its base, this is a personal essay, but you must incorporate research that will support your views and opinions. the core of this essay be based solely on your first-hand personal experience(s) and should be told from the first-person point of view (using the pronoun "i"). the finished essay, including research, should be between 500 and 1500 words. in short, this essay should be primarily about your personal experience(s), but your ideas and experiences must also be supported by effective, quality research.

write an editorial piece explaining the issue (death penalty, u.s.a) and offering opinions and any solutions you can think of that may apply. you will need to thoroughly research the issue at hand in order to provide a solid explanation of the issue, as well as informed opinions and solutions. you must be sure to provide an appropriate context for the issue you choose; the audience needs to understand why this is a problem that deserves consideration and why you feel your solutions can affect it. part of your purpose is to convince your audience that your solutions are viable.

please build upon and support these 5 reasons why the death penalty (in the u.s.a) should be abolished:

1) the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.
2) the death penalty does not deter crime.
3) wrongful executions are likely; dna evidence reveals the fallibility of death penalty trials.
4) the death penalty is discriminatory against racial minorities / the death penalty is not applied fairly.
5) the death penalty costs too much / it doesn' make fiscal sense / life in prison is cheaper.

needs to have an introduction coherence and unity, support for ideas, research and citation, mla formatting [page numbers and headers must be included and utilized correctly], proper sentence structure, correct spelling and good word choice, proper punctuation, good grammar, and a conclusion.

must be original work, it cannot be someone else's work or paper or already done, needs to be grammatically correct, sources must be used. no plagiarism allowed. do not think i can't find out. i am a google sleuth and so is my teacher.
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