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just 3500: special topics task
as stated in your syllabus and discussed in class, the purpose of this writing task is for you to gain both a practical and theoretical understanding of specific crimes which are not covered in lecture. your mission is relatively simplistic. you are to research different aspects of your assigned topic (such tasks located in a separate document on blackboard and/or distributed in class). then, you are to write up your findings and conclusions in a report utilizing critical thinking and focused writing.
sample (i.e. not required) starting questions include the following:*
1. why did this topic come about (historical reasons)?
2. in modern times, what are the basic elements of my topic?
3. what laws were written regarding my topic?
4. how has my topic changed over time?
5. what are the pragmatic and academic underpinnings of my topic?
6. what are some famous (or just interesting) cases dealing with my topic?
7. why is this topic important to law enforcement professionals?
8. why is this topic important to society?
9. how is this topic commonly viewed by society? by the media? by law enforcement?
10. what are some defenses to my topic, if any?
11. how many people are charged with this crime every day/year (if your topic is a specific crime)?
12. how many people are convicted of this crime every day/year (if your topic is a specific crime)?
13. what penalties are involved with this topic?
14. are victims involved with my topic? if so, who are they?
15. what is the future of my topic?
the report shall be graded utilizing the following criteria:
1. at least three typed pages (but not exceeding the fourth page), 5
2. one-inch margins, double-spaced, and 12-point font (times new roman) 5
3. each paragraph contains 4-8 sentences 5
4. stapled and pages numbered 5
5. bibliography 5
6. grammar (quote integration, citations, subject verb agreement, 20
avoidance of both contractions and ambiguous pronouns, etcetera)
7. quote integration with textbook 10
8. quote integration with non-textbook sources 25
9. quote integration with cases 20

special reminders:
1. there are entire books regarding the proper way to cite court cases. because this is an introductory course, we will not follow those rigid rules. ergo, you are simply to give the name of the case (making sure to italicize the name), followed by the year the case was decided. the year should be placed in parenthesis. examples include the following:
a. state v. bieber (2014)
b. north carolina v. swift (1989)
c. united states v. kanye (2000)
d. hammer v. vanilla ice (1991)
e. backstreet v. miley (2005)
2. simply put the case name and year after your sentence if the sentence references that particular case.
3. if you are not accustomed to searching for cases as academic sources, please go to joyner library where a friendly librarian will be able to assist.
4. plan on having at least six different sources in your final written task.
5. remember, plagiarism is literary theft. failure to cite the author of any ideas which are not your own creation is plagiarism (this includes any text you might paraphrase).
a. anyone is capable of searching the internet or any printed media; your research paper is intended to broaden your knowledge, stimulate your creativity, and make you think, analyze, and learn.
b. it is not consistent with the east carolina’s honor code, nor with scholarly expectations, to submit work which is not the product of your own thinking and research.
c. severe penalties will result upon the submission of any work found to be plagiarized, including potential failure of the entire course.
d. take no risks; it is easy to properly cite all sources used in your paper.

this task must be handed in at the beginning of class (not emailed) on monday, april 27, 2015, at 6:05 p.m. should you have any questions, see me after class or email me at entzmingerp@ecu.edu.

*do not put these questions, verbatim, in your report. the purpose of these questions is to simply get the analytical juices flowing.
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