wk 2 - international business

Project Description:

case analysis/opinion paper

read the minicase: “who gets the task” on p. 116 (end of chapter 4) in your text. (see attachment)

write an “opinion paper” to determine your recommendation.

your paper should contain the following:

demonstration of your understanding of the basic problem(s) presented in this case
demonstration of your depth of understanding by analyzing quantitatively and qualitatively relevant information presented in the case
appropriate and logical recommendations are made to solve problems as suggested in the ‘problem statement’
management implications are clearly stated with practical examples of benefits to the firm if recommendations are followed
paper is professionally organized with cover page and reference page showing any references using apa format
paper is clearly written with proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling
3 to 4 pages in length (not including the required cover page and reference page)
opinion papers include the following section headings:

problem statement
analysis of relevant information
implications for the company if your recommendations are followed

original material please!! subject to turnitin review!!!!
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