wordpress website - we need some changes made

Project Description:

general information for the website: we offering marketing services
kind of development: customization of existing website
description of requirements/features: hi there,

we need to make the following changes to our website:

job 1 - crm

we have 4 web forms on our site :
1. landing page form which connects to aweber
2. contact page form
3. footer contact form
4. strategy session page form

i would like to add a crm plugin to ourwebsite and have forms 2,3 and 4 link into this crm.

we think this is the crm plugin we would like to use, but we are open to suggestions:


when someone fills out forms 2,3, or 4 we would like to receive an email notification containing the information and for the data to be stored into the crm.

job 2 - bloom form

contact form 1 is currently using a plugin called bloom (created by elegant themes), but there are two changes we need made to this form (apparently you can download a html version that can be tweaked).

1. we need to form verification on the name field - at the moment people can fill out the form without filling in the name which we don't want.

2. re-direct after form submit - we need people to be re-directed to a thank you page so we can track the conversion. at the moment we cannot find the functionality to do this.

job 3 - contact forms 2,3,4

at the moment we are using a plugin called formcraft. its ok, but costs £10 per month so we would like all these forms to be made in contact form 7. the forms need to look the same as they do now and as i said above, they need to link into the crm plugin.

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Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $100 to $500
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