world politics

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instructional objectives for this activity:
examine terrorism, wars and weapons, and global violence deterrence
analyze what human rights are, and how the violations of woman's rights are addressed by the international community.

throughout the course we discussed globalization, foreign policy formation, non-state actors, world economy, and human rights. using some or all of these concepts learned in class, discuss the following:

is the international labor organization relevant to the discussion of human and labor rights?
how can the us encourage human rights adherence through the international labor organization?
how can the us form a foreign policy that responds to the need for greater accountability of human rights, and preserve its business relationships with non-compliant countries such as china and india?
what economic impact, if any, do you think the application of ilo's labor rights (such as minimum wage and labor hours) will have on the global economy?

your paper should offer a cohesive survey of human and labor rights, and the formation of a us foreign policy that represents these concepts while creating favorable economic decisions. to help you with your paper, you may want to consult the ilo website,

your completed task should be 15 pages in length.

be sure to reference all sources using apa format.
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