write 2 critical analysis and provide a summary review for to topic each one 2 pages

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1)the first articles is : emotional intelligence page 62-65
this's the book link:

2) second articles is article review - soft skills and technical expertise of effective project managers. (sharlet gillard, university of southern indiana, evansville, in, usa)
this is the link:

here all the instruction and have to be fellow this formate please:
article/reading reviews (100 points)
provide a summary (20 points) and critical analysis (30 points) of one article an one textbook reading review for 50 points each. the summary must give enough information about the content of the item being reviewed so that the reader can understand the context in which the observations and conclusions are being made. the critical analysis will address your opinions about the article in terms of your agreement or disagreement with the content.
examples of comments you might make as part of your critical analysis are:
• “this particular part of the article/section shows (or does not show) a full understanding of project management because…”
• “here i do not agree with the author’s choice of words because…”
• “this diagram wastes space because it contains little information to illustrate…”
• “this section is critical for understanding because… “
the review should be 2pages (1) of text. use times roman font in 1.5 or double space. include a cover page.
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