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based on the attached article, write a paper on tax evasion. (please do not copy any sentences off the article. i will be comparing your paper with the article very closely. you should carefully read the article and then write the paper per the following guidelines.)

the paper should be at least 10 pages long, double spaced, font: calibri, size: 10, standard 1 inch margins. the paper should be professional in appearance, logically and consistently organized.

introduction (1 page)
methods of corporate tax avoidance and profit shifting (2 pages)
methods of avoidance and evasion by individuals (2 pages)
options to address corporate tax evasion (2 pages)
options to address individual tax evasion (1 page)
other options including congress action (legislation) to address tax evasion (1 page)
conclusion (1 page)
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