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choose a film that we have watched in class this semester and write a 600-750 word critical essay about the film. your essays should be informed by everything we’ve learned about in class – the formal and stylistic language of cinema, the conventions of narrative and genre, the modes of realism and formalism – but above all else should express your own analysis of the film. what are the main themes that the filmmaker is trying to explore? how effective is s/he in doing so? i strongly encourage you to consult the film while writing these essays, as a careful viewing of the film is a prerequisite to writing a successful essay. i also suggest reviewing existing criticism about the films you are watching, available through sites like the movie review query engine (mrqe.com) and rotten tomatoes.
a word of advice: while i am very much interested in your critical opinion of the film, i am less interested in your consumption advice. that is to say, you should avoid essays along the lines of “this is a great film and you should see it because...” or “this is a terrible film which you should avoid because...” i have seen all of the films that you will be writing about. this essay is a way for you to share your analysis and interpretation of a film, to advance an informed conversation about the cinema. begin with the assumption that we’ve all seen the films. your job is to tell me what’s interesting about the film you’ve chosen.
*the movies that we have seen in class are 1-ranging ball 2-casablanca 3-citizen kane 4-high noon 5-dead man 6- grizzly man 7-room 237
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