write half page and three separate comments. ( psychology class)

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project description: hi,

i need you to read files "a and b" which are the instruction to write a half page or more about specific subject. to have a background and information about the topic i need you to read files " x, g, d e, h, f, c " which are what other students in my same class wrote. after you read what the the students wrote and have an idea about, you can write the half page about it. then, i need you to choose any three files of these files " x, g, d e, h, f, c " and write comments about it( you can see in these files some examples about some comments that other students wrote).

so, you will send me two files when you finish. the first file has the half page that you wrote about the topic. the second file has the three separate comments, and you must explain each comment for which file( ex. comment one for file c)

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