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dear expert , i hope you are in a good health...i have an task to write a scientific article . i have chosen to write chemical inhibitor for naphthanec acid corrosion which is considered to be under title number 2 from the below list, or please have a look at the details below... you can select or propose one:
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write an essay ( scientific article ) of 2000 words about one of the below topics

1.modern waste water treatment: benefits and drawbacks.
2.the control of corrosion by chemical inhibition, recent trends.
3.proper emulsion control and the consequences of failure.
4.factors affecting foam stability.
5.the challenges of working in deep-water.
6.carbonate scaling and the effect of co2.
7.the challenges of sour service.
8.gas hydrates, natural and synthetic.
9.the challenges of asphaltine scale control.
10.the drive towards green treatment chemicals and the consequences.
11.cost benefit analysis of a corrosion inhibition program.
12. other topics as suggested by student – with instructor approval

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