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in 250 to 300 words, describe an integral equation using either continuous money flow or accumulated present value model and show how it can help you with your financial needs. you need to provide at least one example. follow the guidelines strictly and keep it simple and easy to understand. please do not exceed 300 words, using 12-poinnt times new roman font, and single line spacing.
_brief introduction or a description: describe to the audience ( a high school grad) what your writing task is about, discuss what specifically you do in this report.
_mathematical contents or solution process: discuss the mathematical contents including any applicable terms, equations, variables and constants. address any assumptions as needed. most likely you are asked to explain certain concepts, describe a mathematical technique, to provide the details of a mathematical procedure. an example or a graph may be useful. keep it simple, efficient, and easy to follow. most importantly, make sure what you are writing is mathematically correct.
_application/usage discussion: tell you audience the significance of the mathematical contents in your paper and/ or the applications for which it can be used.
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