writing business reports with visual aids

Project Description:

this task supports the following lesson objectives:
•identify parts of a business report and proposal.
•produce a business report.
•develop effective visual aids for a business proposal.

task overview
•this web research task gives the student an opportunity to research a topic of the student's choice and write a business report with visual aids on that topic.

•2-page report (12 point font) with 2 visual aids.

activity details

perform the following tasks:
• step 1: select a topic to research.
choose a topic broad enough to generate a 2-page report. make sure the topic lends itself to having information that can be supported with visual aids. suggested topics can include: ◦information on the sale of a new product in the us.
◦the us economy and its effect on businesses.
◦the current financial status of health care in the us.

• step 2: perform the research.
try to get resources from a variety of sources and authors. ensure you have enough resources to generate a 2-page report.

• step 3: evaluate the resources found in terms of quality and credibility.
do you think the source is credible? what credentials does the author have? are there any hidden agendas driving the author's point of view? consider other factors to determine the quality of the source.

• step 4: write a 2-page report of your findings.
use a word processor (like ms word) to generate a 2-page report on your topic.

• step 5: prepare 2 visual aids to help explain the material in the report.
use a graphics program (powerpoint, drawing tools within ms word, etc.) to create two visual aids to support or explain the content in your report. ensure to label the diagrams.
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