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hi everyone, please read very carefully: i need this paper to be done in less than 40 hours. i won't pay you more than $35 for this essay, if you bid higher than that i will ignore and turn down your proposal intermediately. please be aware of plagiarism.

i need you to write a 5 pages essays that include the following:
summarizing the key concepts presented in class and in your text regarding the topic and what the student derived/learned/gleaned from it,
presenting a clear discussion of why the student’s chosen topic is relevant to hr managers,
addressing contemporary issues related to the subject,
discussing the impact of globalization on the implementation of this topic, and
detailing the external resources (i.e. governmental resources, training sites, other external resources, including those online) available to hr managers as they address this issue within their firms.

you need to read the chapter that i'm adding here, just copy and paste this link and you will be able to read it and start working on it. thank you

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