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1. the abc show "what would you do" records the reactions of people as they respond to various types of deviant behavior. different ways that people respond to deviance depending upon the deviants race. explain the large gap in crime statistics between black and white teenagers.

2. what would you do about racism?

3. explain the functionalist and the conflict perspectives on deviance. include an explanation of crime from each standpoint. in your own words a least a paragraph each and an example.

4. does public tolerance of deviance lead to increased crime rates? if people were forced to conform to stricter standards of behavior, would there be less crime in the united states? in your own words , give an example

5. in addition to our discussion prompt, i'd like everyone to consider how reflecting on your work can help you improve. here's an interesting page that details five uses of reflection when it comes to writing:

after reading this, consider whether or not you agree with the uses mentioned.
a least a paragraph and half in your own words (no plagiarism)
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