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an article written by claudia dreifus and published in glamour magazine discussed therapists who sexually exploit their patients. jill ruzicka had told dreifus that (ruzicka) was sexually abused as a child by her father and later by her therapist. dreifus had promised to withhold ruzicka’s identity from the article, and the published article identified ruzicka by a fictitious name (“lundquist”). in the article, dreifus stated that “lundquist” was an attorney who had served on the minnesota task force against sexual abuse. ruzicka claimed that this detail revealed her true identity because she was, in fact, the only woman on that task force. ruzicka asserted that she had relied to her detriment on dreifus’s promise and sued dreifus to recover damages under, among other theories, a theory of promissory estoppels. assume that you are the judge in the trial court hearing this case and answer the following questions:
(a) what elements are required for the doctrine of promissory estoppels to be applied? discuss whether each of these elements is (or is not) present in this case and, based on your reasoning, state your decision in the matter.
(b) would your decision be the same if there had been one other woman, in addition to ruzicka, on the minnesota task force against sexual abuse? why or why not?
(c) suppose that ruzicka had the opportunity to review the final draft of the article before it was published but declined to do so. would this affect your decision in any way? explain.
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