writing sentence using vocabulary words 2 each

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1. factual evidence- support consisting of data that are considered objectively verifiable by the audience.
2. statistics-information- expressed in numerical form.
3. appeal to needs and values- an attempt to gain assent to claim by showing that it will bring about what your audience wants and cares deeply about.
4. authoritative warrant- a warrant based on the credibility or trustworthiness of the source.
5. substantive warrant- a warrant based on belief s about the reliability of factual evidence.
6. motivational warrant-a type of warrant based on the needs and values of an audience.
7. induction- reasoning by which a general statement is reached on the basis of particular examples.
8. deduction-reasoning by which we establish that a conclusion must be true because the statement s on which it is based are true.
9. hasty generalization-drawing conclusion from insufficient evidence.
10. faulty use of authority- failing to acknowledge disagreement among experts or otherwise misrepresenting the trustworthiness of sources.
11. post hoc- mistakenly inferring that because one event follows another they have a causal relation.
12. false analogy- assuming without sufficient proof that if objects or processes are similar in some way then they are similar in other ways as well.
13. ad hominem- against the man attacking the arguer rather than the argument or issue.
14. false dilemma- simplifying a complex problem into an either/or dichotomy.
15. slippery slope-predicting without justification that one step in a process will lead unavoidably to a second generally undesirable step.
16. begging the question-making a statement that assumes that the issue being argued has already been decided.
17. straw man- disputing a view similar to but not the same as that of the arguer’s opponent.
18. non sequitur-it does not follow using irrelevant proof to buttress a claim.
19. ad populum- to the people playing on the prejudices of the audience.
20. appeal to tradition- a proposal that something should continue because it has traditionally existed or been done that way.
21. faulty emotional appeal- basing an argument on feelings especially pity or fear- often to draw attention away from the real issues or conceal another purpose.
22. two wrong make a right-diverting attention from the issue by introducing a new point by responding to an accusation with a counteraccusation that makes no attempt to refute the first accusation.
23. appeal to values- an attempt to gain assent to claim by showing that it will bring about what your audience wants and cares deeply about.
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