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we read and annotated the article "the web means never forgetting" in class on monday.

now write a summary, analysis and evaluation of this article by writing an essay of 250-500 words that does the following"

1. summarizes the rhetorical triangle: who is the writer, who is the audience, what is the essay's purpose.

2. analyzes the essay by discussing how the writer addresses his audience and achieves his purpose.

does he present clear and logical evidence (logos)? give specific examples of how this evidence helps the writer achieve his purpose.

does he appeal to the audience's emotions (pathos)? does the writer use details, stories or evidence that moves the audience and creates sympathy for his purpose?

does the writer present a credible argument? what does he do or say that makes his argument believable and credible?

3. evaluate whether or not the writer achieves his purpose. did he convice you, his reader, that his argument was valid?
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