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after reading author zadie smith's interview with jay-z, originally published in the new york times magazine, answer these questions:

in the introduction to her article, smith makes some remarks about the relationship between artists/performers and their audiences, then asks: "how to speak to those audiences simultaneously?" in your opinion, does she ever answer the question at all, either directly or indirectly?
in what way do smith's remarks about the various types of audiences also relate to academic writing?
beginning in paragraph seven, smith and jay-z discuss how the rapper's style has changed over the course of his career. early on, he says, he was "trying to impress technically," but more recently he has used a straightforward, storytelling mode. what was the reason for this change? and what lessons for academic writing can you take away from it?
what point do you think smith is making about words and/or rhetoric in paragraph seventeen? can you apply it to academic writing?
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